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Wild Climb

WildClimb is part of the M&M Calzaturificio s.r.l. di Montebelluna (TV) group and has over  25 years of experience in the production of mountain shoes. Strengthened by these skills, we plunged into the vertical world to “climb” not by altitude but by experience. We created tools to grow up and to let grow up.

Being related to the climbing community we are always careful to make our activity sustainable and repeatable.

Wild Climb


Trimm EN


The word "trim" originally comes from sailing - the sail of the ship must be trimmed carefully to find correct balance and right direction to make the ship move forward quickly and easily.

Trimm brand was established in 2000 with the intention to offer the right balance between the quality and price. Our products are determined to all the people who love spending their free time outdoors, practicing different sports or just enjoy freedom in the countryside or walks through the city.

Trimm offers high quality garments and equipment which is carefully designed with particular consideration of technology, function, comfort and latest trends. To ensure the high quality of our products, we use the materials of well known brands, e.g. YKK, Nifco, Nexus, 3M, RECCO, DAC, DuPont, etc.

Trimm becomes a good companion of adventurers as well as all the people who just want to stay active and love the freedom of movement.




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E-mail: kontakt@podg.pl
Phone: +48  888 681 450


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