Do you love the rock, the mountains and nature? Then you share our passion and enthusiasm for climbing and mountaineering. We, the LACD team, want to give you fun and joy with all our parts during all vertical adventures and offer maximum security.

We do not consider the rock and the mountains as a mere “training device”, but for us, being outdoors means more enjoyment, tranquility and a close connection to nature - which we also want to preserve. Sustainability and compliance with social standards are important criteria in the manufacture of our products.

We are a well-rehearsed team of passionate and long-standing climbers and mountaineers who have been closely connected for many years. We constantly use each of our products. With the closeness to the rock and the ear in the market, new product ideas and continuous improvements arise. A solid and reliable product quality, the use of proven, simple and intuitive constructions, mature materials and sufficient safety reserves are our concerns.

LACD - climbing with passion

We do not deliver to consumers. We supply dealers, authorities, associations, etc.



Polish Outdoor Distribution Group Sp. z o.o.
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Phone: +48  888 681 450


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