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Yeti EN - Polish Outdoor Distribution Group


Designing products for extreme and everyday outdoor - we live for the great moments in nature and love to #FeelTheElements.

Yeti began in a kitchen in East Germany in 1983. Climber Bernd Exner was going on a climb in Romania in the winter, but he couldn’t find a sleeping bag in East Germany warm enough for the trip. So his wife Sabine – a skilled mountaineer herself – decides to make it herself.

2006 - New materials from Japan. Yeti begins to work closely with Japanese textile expert Toray Industries on ultra thin and lightweight yet down proof material.

2017 -RedFlex is introduced. The revolutionary new technology of implanting reflective molecules into fabric is introduced under the name of RedFlex. This ensures a higher level of performance and a quicker recovery.



Polish Outdoor Distribution Group Sp. z o.o.
ul. Skalny Widok 4D
42-421 Hucisko Poland
NIP: 222-089-47-79
TAX ID: PL222-089-47-79



Phone: +48 602 766 711


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